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September 18, 2014

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The iPhone 6 release {which I'm not getting anytime soon} is just around the corner. And normally, Apple will release the new iOS days before the phone release {and of course I'm always excited for new updates so I got it already minutes after it was out}. I was a little unhappy with the downloading time as it took about almost close to an hour just to download it. If I'm not mistaken, it only took me 15 to 30 minutes to download and install last year's big iOS update (could be my internet connection too). Anyway, I didn't fiddle through my iPad after the update was done as it was already 5 in the morning then. There were no major display changes, just the keypads. The rest are fine. Here are the things I like and, well, not like about the new iOS update:

1. That it has a built in app for "Tips". I am not a techy goddess so this "things for dummies" come in handy. 

2. Quick response to notification. It's nice that you are now able to quickly make an action to a notification without closing an app and opening another one completely. Like when someone sends you a message while you're reading an article and all you have to say is just a simple "Okay". Saves the effort of closing down the article you're reading. Haha

3. Audio messaging. Ah! This is for me. I am not always a fan of texting so I always call the person I want to talk to but apparently these people I talk to all the time are busy people so they end up ignoring my calls. So this new audio messaging is just nice for me. 

4. Recent Contacts. This looks odd on iOS as it reminds me so much of android interface. Actually the whole multitasking thing is definitely Android-y. Sorry Apple. But it's very helpful. Like when you see something gossip worthy, just double click the home button and dial your friends away!

5. Word Suggestion. It's very convenient especially for hard to spell words. And again, it's very Android-y. Haha ✌️

6. Messaging Options. There are new options under Messages settings. There is an option for you to keep message histories or delete them after a certain number of days. This can help you free up your space easily. 

7. And now comes my favorite part: the Camera! I think the camera setting has the most number of obvious updates next to Messages. 

7.1 Timer. You can now take selfies and/or group photos using mono-pods, hassle-free! 

7.2 Time-Lapse. My favorite camera application! I've been using (PAID) application for time-lapsed videos and well this will now come in handy for those who want to do time-lapse videos for free! 😑 

7.3 Heart Button. I'm guessing it's for photos you like the most. Like "favorites", perhaps (?)
*upper right, beside Edit button. 

7.4 Photo Editor. Aside from the built-in basic photo editing features (like adding filters, adjusting brightness, etc) from the previous iOS update, Apple added three (big) basic editing features.

7.4.1 Rotate your photos according to your desired angle. 

7.4.2 Manually adjust the brightness and color of your photos.

7.4.3 Crop your photos according to your desired size. 


Not much to hate here, it's just that iOS interface is really beginning to look like Android's. I'm not complaining. But Apple could've done better. Oh, and there's one more thing I'd like to share with you. It's the Family Share feature. 

In as much as I want to "share" my apps to my siblings, I'd rather not. Especially with my 7-year old brother who likes, rather loves downloading apps (even paid ones). So just be careful when enabling this feature.

So there goes my personal view on the new iOS. I have yet to explore the Hundred New Features promised by Apple. Good luck! Oh, and by the way.. If you want to download and update to the new iOS, make sure you have enough space. The new update requires at least 1 GB or more! 

iOS 8 is now available as a free over-the-air Software Update. 


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