Naked & Vulnerable

March 15, 2015

"I am naked and I have a story to tell.
My thoughts are a mess and I can't think clearly
I used to have clothes that shield my body
But now, nothing fits me anymore" E; 2015

I am not good at this but I know I love doing it.
I'm glad I still have it even though "inspiration" would only visit once in 3-5 years. I'll try to do more this year!

Isn't that how we all started? No manmade scars, little abrasions and bruises. And then each step along the way, we acquire these little markings that say different stories behind them.

Nakedness is not just the absence of clothing that covers up our body. It is also being naked from within, your soul.

Sometimes it's nice to be naked. Once in a while.

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