Exploring Singapore : MacRitchie Reservoir / Nature Trail

August 23, 2015

I have always wanted to go to MacRitchie Reservoir/Nature Trail. I've been seeing this on my Instagram feed and in different blogs. I knew I had to check it out myself. The only thing is, I always delay it. It's either because I have no one to go with or other plans come up. So I made a (very last minute decision) visit. 

Started my day with an amazing brunch! I had some Honey Chicken with Chips (@And Why Cafe) followed by Brownies and Cinnamon Bun for dessert (@Fika Swedish Cafe) which was obviously fast consumed.

I was supposed to go to the Library and spend the whole day there. I did go though but something's telling me to pack up and leave, so I did. I went to Vivo City to run a quick errand and I thought, I am not ready to end my day at 16:45 so I took the Circle Line train and thought of going to MacRitchie Reservoir. I alighted at Caldecott MRT and walked to MediaCorp bus stop. I then took bus 980 and alighted after one stop. 

Feeling all cool and spontaneous not knowing what adventure I will be having for the day.

There were a lot of stray monkeys! I was mostly scared I'd get attacked but so far I'm in one piece! 

There were a lot of runners on site. I took my time, slow steps, trying to take in the beauty of the place!

I did start running halfway the trail when I have at least an idea what I'll be expecting. Too bad I wasn't able to make it to the Tree Top Walk, I will definitely be back in full gear and earlier too! 

It was starting to get dark and an uncle tapped me to say I'd better start running back if I'm alone, there will be no street lamps on the trail back. So I did. And I'm glad I did because I'm pretty sure I came across 3 kinds of creatures on my way down.

MacRitchie Nature Trail & Reservoir Park
MacRitchie Reservoir ParkSingapore 298717

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