Exploring Singapore: #SG50

August 09, 2015

Singapore, the place I've been calling home for the past three and a half years. And as the country marks it's 50th year, I will not miss the chance to celebrate with the great Singaporean nation.

Started off my day having brunch at Little India with my college friends. We always go to this place for a good dose of prata and buttered chicken. I am not a big fan of spicy food but this can pass.

After a heavy (and spicy) brunch, we made our way to Marina Bay as early as 12:00 to get a good spot for the program.

We had, I would say, an amazing spot. The view was just right. We were at the waterfront area.

We obviously had to make do of what we have to entertain ourselves for the 5-hour waiting time.

At around 5 in the afternoon, people from the stage area started cheering loudly. The loud cheers were followed by loud roars of plane engines as The Five Stars, a tribute to the late founding father of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, flew above us.

Isn't the view lovely? There would be nights when I will travel to this area just to have some peace and quiet. I love this place especially when the dark night is filled with city lights! Ahhh, Singapore!

And boooooom! Our 5-hours of waiting under Singapore heat was worth it. It was one of the best displays I've ever seen.

Happy Birthday, Singapore. I will not disappoint you for having me here. I have always been in awe of how united the people are to build a stronger nation. Look at where you are now, Singapore. You've come a long way! Cheers!

View in HD! Enjoy :)

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