This is How She’ll Finally Leave You

April 21, 2018

She’ll text you good morning and you’ll toss it aside to answer later. You’ll ask her to hangout this weekend and she would rearrange her schedule just to meet your free time. Then you cancel on her last minute. 

But she won’t call out on you. She won’t get upset. She will fake a smile and say “It’s fine. There’s always another time.” She won’t walk away or run for the hills, even if you treat her like a backup plan. 

She will ignore all her friends saying “Leave. Leave now! You deserve someone better!” and instead, she will stand up for you and make up all the excuses on your behalf. 

She won’t see them as mixed signals. She will continue to convince herself that it’ll be worth staying even if it hurts in the moment. 

She will keep telling herself that “he said he misses me”, instead of seeing that you’re not putting any efforts for her. She will convince herself that you like her instead of realizing that you don’t like her enough. 

But these won’t stop you from leading her on. 

It will also not stop you from swiping through dating apps and talk to random girls behind her back. You’ll make her believe that she’s the only one, but you're making her feel otherwise. But guess what? None of those matter because she isn’t going anywhere. 

Until she does. She will finally wake up from the dream that she could actually create a real relationship with you. 

She’s everything you are too blind to see. She’s patient,thoughtful and understanding but man, she’s not stupid.

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  1. Haha! I liked that part where you said she’s not stupid! Kuddos �� keep it up E!

  2. Wow. Powerful words. I hope everything's fine


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