I said 'no' to my dream job

March 22, 2021


How do we know what is truly right for us? Do we go with our gut? Do we flip a coin? Do we do an Instagram poll? Figuring it all out isn't always an easy process. 

Last week, I was offered the job I thought I've always wanted. The promotion I have been quietly waiting for. Everyone was telling me how I've always been meant for this job - but why was it so easy to turn it down? 

I had less than 24 hours to decide. A decision that will change my life. Hey, no biggie! It's just my dream job after all. 

See, you would think the process will all be too easy: in the new world of (pandemic) uncertainty - we all need 'stability', my employer is finally recognizing the work I do, I can finally do the one thing I am confidently good at without others undermining me, and finally getting my dream job! But H to the L - NO! It was one of the worst 20 so hours of my life! I wanted to say yes, but my gut was trying to tell me all the right reasons why I should not take it. 

I said 'no' to my dream job, and that's okay. 

I thought that my dream job was the ultimate point for my professional-life validation, but it was not. The timing didn't feel right. Everything about it didn't feel right. 

I knew that if I take it - I will fail myself. I will resent myself. I knew I would not be choosing myself. As cliché as this may sound - your gut will know, you'll know. 

Know? How do we know that we 'know'? Will it send a clear message? Will there be some kind of divine intervention? Mine was clear when I sat in front of my employer, ready to say 'yes'- but instead, I said 'no'. Oh, the feeling I felt after saying 'no', it felt so good. Suddenly, there wasn't any doubt in my heart. There was peace in my mind. 

Did I make the right choice? Maybe. But I lift all of my plans to God, and trust that His plans are so much better than mine!

The things that are meant for you, will always find a way back to you. You bring the opportunities wherever you go. They are always closer than you think. When it's right for you, you'll know. They will inspire you and it will inspire others too. The job that is meant for you, will make you stronger and become more of yourself, not less. 

Just like the dreams we have when we sleep, they change. I know someday I can make this dream job happen, but right now, I need to heal. 

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  1. You will be amazing wherever you go. You know it. We know it.


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