Exploring Singapore: 126 (Wen Dao Shi)

October 25, 2014

16 Sims Avenue, Singapore
Today, I had a realization that if I want to travel and start really living, I need to start embracing other cultures fully, and yes, that includes being acquainted with local food. Fortunately, I have amazing local friends to help me in my quest! My colleagues, Selena and Helen brought me to a dim sum place situated somewhere along the bustling roads of Geylang. If I were to figure it out myself where the place is, I'd probably get lost. We went there by car and no matter how much I tried remembering the way we took, I was lost at the first "Lor #" street.

When we went there around 8:00, Selena and Helen were quite surprised how "empty" the place is. They told me that the dim sum place would normally be packed and crowded. When we ate there, there were only 3 tables occupied. I asked them to take the honor of ordering as they would know better what to order. Here are what we had FOR BREAKFAST.. Did I mention these were for breakfast? Yes? Breakfast!

These were the beancurd skin with shrimp. $4

I can't recall if these are the Fried Yam Cake or Fried Carrot Cake. $3.50

Golden Custard Bun $3.50

Above: Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gao) $3.30.
Left: Siew Mai $4.50.
Right: Xiao Long Bao
(I suggest you to go to Paradise Dynasty, Crystal Jade or Din Tai Fung for your Xiao Long Bao fix, not here.)
Fried Prawn Dumpling! (I've been craving for these since I had it on a Noodle shop at Expo) $4

Our bill for 3! It's all written in Chinese so yeah.. yeaaaahh....

When I was reading similar reviews/blog posts about 126 Dim Sum place, I found out that it is being described as something similar as to some "Hong Kong road-side style dim sum".

For a newbie on food blogging, it was a great start! The food didn't fill me up easily as the serving were of mini-portion you'd have enough to try (almost) everything in the menu. 

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