Exploring Singapore: Marina Barrage & Gardens By The Bay (Part One)

January 25, 2015

One of the stills when I did a Night Time-Lapse on the bridge.
 I was supposed to meet my two friends yesterday but plans changed. And since I was already ready with my outfit, make-up and all, I might as well just go out. It was almost close to 5 in the afternoon when I left house, it was a little gloomy and I still don't know where to go. Marina Bay kept ringing in my mind and that's when I thought of going to Marina Barrage to (hope) take a sunset time-lapse despite the gloomy weather.

Like what I said, I left home quite late, so I rushed to be able to catch some sun. And still undecided with my location, I ended up alighting at the wrong train station, I walked quite a distance until I Google Searched for any possible bus to bring me to my destination. Wait! Where was I heading to again? Oh yeah, Marina Barrage. I really have no clue where I should be alighting, so I just followed the crowd! Luckily, they were heading to the same place as I was.

Raffles Place, Singapore

Part of the Marina Barrage. Stayed on this bridge for about an hour.
 It's a great place to think, not think, enjoy, be quiet, be at peace.

A really busy bridge I must say! People pass by here to jog, cycle, scoot or just simply walk and enjoy the view! 

And here, learning the art of Selfie Stick-ing.

Because the view is just too good not to take a selfie!
And so it's time to feed the hungry tummy after feeding the eyes.
I had two intense Leg Day(s) prior to this spontaneous trip so seeing these small stools got me worried. 
Waiting time was long and since I was alone, I really felt impatient and hungry lol

And the GRAND FINALE, The Supertree Grove. I was right on time to catch the lights & sound show!
I am just having a technical difficulty uploading my video, but I will definitely share it!

It was one of those "I'm glad plans got cancelled" kind of night. Sadly I wasn't well equipped with accessories like tripod and the like but I'd definitely go back to take more photos, time-lapse and videos. And I'd be sure to come earlier! It's really not advisable to be here late at night (except for the Supertree Grove, just that) especially for blind people like me. I almost fell on the water pond as I couldn't see the pavement I was walking in. 

Marina Barrage: 8 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018951 
Gardens By The Bay: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, 018953

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