Breakfast lah

February 09, 2015

If in the Philippines we have tocino, tapsilog, longsilog, tinapa, champorado, taho, pandesal (ah! this is torture) and a long list to go.. Here in Singapore, they have toast (with different spreads) that they pair with different varieties of Kopi, Teh or (hot/cold) Milo!

Recently, I have been a fan of their Peanut Kaya Toast with (2) soft boiled eggs. I have been having those for breakfast for about a week now. Today, I made my own version. It wasn't as good as of those in the coffee shops (duh), but definitely fed my cravings. Just be careful with the soft boiled eggs. You will either end up with raw or having a/n (almost) hard boiled egg in a shell.

I try my best to stick to my resolution of having breakfast everyday and so far, it's been a healthy relationship between us. Now, all I have to work (hard) on is my waking up routine.

How about you? What did you have for breakfast?

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  1. Looks good! How did you do the soft boiled eggs? I always end up with raw or hardboiled LOLS


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