Exploring Singapore: Singapore Zoo

February 04, 2015

Thanks to company's benefits, I get to bring friends and guests to (some) attractions in Singapore for free.

Since my friend's brother is in town we decided it was a good time to have a visit to the zoo.

Then halfway preparing for this post, I realised I didn't even have a single photo of the animals in the zoo. Just the animals who visited the zoo (er, they won't be reading this any way *bleh*)

I swear if you've been to the zoo a number of times you'd really get tired of it. Ken here hasn't even went around half of the place and he already asked for time-out haha

Exploring Singapore: Singapore Zoo
Posted by E De Guzman on Friday, 1 May 2015

Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Rd, 729826
+65 6269 3411

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