So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

February 08, 2015

Hi! Meet MJ, one of my (college) good & closest friend. She has become a family to me. She's my confidant, my listener, my adviser and partner.

She's one of the good friends I know that will be there no matter what, that, including her travel from Yewtee to the city or Pasir Ris (that's more than an hour of travel by train).

I've known her for about 5 years now. We've shared secrets, exchange stories, had several sleepovers, partied together, cried, shopped, ate.. and a whole lot more.

She is one of the three reasons why I am here in Singapore now. She inspired me. She encouraged me. And today, she will be flying back to where she started- back to her "home".

Why is it that those people you want to stay for a long time are those who leave? Sometimes, I selfishly think that if only there would be ways to stop her from leaving. "Is there
anything I can do to stop her from moving thousand miles away from me?" but then I realized that what she's doing is a very tough and brave decision. She is brave enough to decide to let go of her independent life here. She's courageous enough to leave everything she's been for the past four years.

I must admit, life in Singapore will certainly be different without her. Now, I've less one friend to call when things go wrong, when I'm in the mood for random nights at Clarke Quay, to cover for me when I "stalk" people or simply "just because".

Johanna/MJ/Mommy Jo/Hanna,

I am overwhelmed with things I want to say to you but I am also engulfed with different emotions right now. I just want you to know that even though I don't show it, I support your endeavors, decisions and adventures. I wish you well in the new chapter of your life and may you find the peace and joy you deserve. Like what we said a couple of days back, "Long distance might just make our relationship stronger." As the cliché goes, "I'll always be here no matter what." And if you needed a place to run away to, my doors are always open. 

Bon Voyage!


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