#DIYSaturday: Sensory Book

March 21, 2015

To make my blogging more regular, I am going to (try to) do a #DIYSaturday weekly posts. This may be something I have done or an idea I wish to do and share with you, my dear readers (ah! yes I know I have some lol)

For my first post, I'll share something I did for my Toddler Class. I made a Sensory Book made from recyclable or scrap materials I have in my classroom. I cut out those materials in different shapes and glued them in a box I cut to make as the pages of my book. I used a ring binder to compile them all together. It also turned out to be a quiet book for the kids who kept running around the classroom and helped them discover more of their sensory skills.

I myself enjoyed making this project because I was free to use any material that I already have around me! It's easy, cost-friendly and fun to make!

Aha! Now, I'm all excited for my next #DIYSaturday post. You have any idea to share? Comment below to share!


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