Exploring Malaysia: JPO

April 07, 2015

Two weekends ago, my housemates and I went for a day-trip to JB, Malaysia to visit JPO (Johor Bahru Premium Outlets Store). We went there by cab, bus, and another supposedly bus but ended up in a private car (story later).

Private Service from JB Sentral to JPO.
We left the house quite late thus making our trip behind scheduled. We took the cab going to Woodlands Checkpoint to exit Singapore. From there, we took a bus for a short trip to Sultan Iskandar Ciq JB or Malaysia's Immigration Centre. Now here's where the private car story will be told. Because we were so ready for the trip, we forgot to research on the bus departure schedule from JB Sentral to JPO. We had to wait for an hour more for the next bus. We decided then to take a cab. While waiting, an officer recommended an uncle that would take us to JPO for 70RM or about 26SGD. Not bad of a deal but didn't your mum teach you about not talking to strangers? Don't just talk to people and assume they will take you to your actual destination. It's always good to be cautious. Moving on, the trip took about 20-30 minutes. When we arrived, we decided to walk around first. Our first stop? Michael Kors!

Err, no. I am not going to review each stall that I've been in because I've been in all 40+ stalls!My heart and wallet cried lol

Where I had most of my shopping at! Yep. Here.

NIKE OUTLET SHOP! Need I say more?

"Buy Now or Regret Later" Well played MK.
So after a long day of walking and window shopping I ended up buying my first designer/luxury bag. Well, technically second, because the night before, I bought (see second pic below) a cross-body Coach bag which I'm thinking of giving to my mum.


Is JPO a must-visit in Malaysia? Yes and No. Yes, if you're sure to know the price comparison of products you're looking for. If you really want to shop for a good deal you can find SOME here. No, because you can shop in Singapore or buy online without having to travel far and going through all the hassle of customs (another story to tell) and immigration.

Oh and here are the five things I learned from this trip:
1. Make sure you research well. Know the locations, exit numbers/letters, schedules of transports, fees or anything.
2. You are not obliged to spend cash. You can always just window shop (although I know it's heartbreaking to).
3. Know what you want and want what you only need.
4. Bring calculator. For the many less, discounts and conversions.
5. Know your customs rules. I was tax-ed for my bag and held in the office for not declaring my goods. *rolls eyes*

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  1. How to go to JPO from Singapore?

    1. You may want to refer to this site: http://www.premiumoutlets.com.my/center-information/directions :) Happy Shopping!


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