5 Things I Learned From Going To A Concert Alone

May 17, 2015

PWT or Prismatic World Tour is the recent tour Katy Perry has been doing for her Prism album. It is also the second concert I've attended alone. Just a quick look back, I had my first "big concert" alone when Justin Bieber was here in Singapore for F1 closing concert. Yes! JUSTIN BIEBER. Please don't ask why lol

When people around me found out that I'll be going to see Katy Perry alone, I got a lot of "What? Why?!" questions. It was as if it was the most pathetic thing I've ever done (oh, trust me this isn't one) but it turned out to be an awesome day for me even if I went alone and I'll give you 5 reasons why.

1. I Get to Prepare According to my Wants and Needs. Sometimes when you're with a company, you tend to change your plans to give way to someone. Like say, not wearing something creative just because it's "too much" for the other person.

2. Time's All Yours. You can do whatever you want! Nobody will smack you on the face for queueing up for 10 hours just to be near the stage.

3. Be Daring. And do it. When your pop idol is known for being creative in her concerts, chances are she will notice you if you're wearing something cool, fun and (good) cray. And not just your idol, during the PWT, I've been "noticed" for wearing my blue wig. I even had three concert goers who approached me to take selfies with. Yes, I enjoyed the temporary fame and attention lol

4. Fans are Friends. Because everyone at the stadium has something in common, it is easy to start a conversation with almost anyone there. I've never met and interacted with that much strangers in my life ever. I used to not like the idea of it and I would somehow think it was jologs. I take it back because I've never met nice, friendly and cool people until PWT.

5. Leave the World Behind. You know the feeling when you just feel you're in your own world when you put your headphones on and blast up the volume of the music player? That's how I felt during her two-hour concert. It was loud, it was heart thumping, and it was really fun! For a moment, I just felt that it was me, Katy and music in one place.

Overall, the anxiety of doing things alone were covered during the PWT. Katy Perry is one h*** of a performer! I don't know why people say she hits off-tune keys when she sings, or that she sounds awful live. Here's what I have to say, she actually sounds better live! If I could do it all over again, I'd do it 50 times more!

So those of you who are thinking of going to concerts alone, don't be scared. Just be confident, carry yourself well and the most important thing to remember is to have lots of fun! It's worth experiencing :)

//PCD: Day 7//

xx E

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