#DYD: I Dated Myself & I Liked It

May 02, 2015

Yogart: Premium Waffle || Taken using an iPhone
I delayed my celebration for Labor Day. Yes, it's meant to be celebrated as this is a day given to rest and be work-free. But then, I had to do some work (from home) last Friday (my fault) therefore delaying my celebration a day late. 

175 Bencoolen Street #01-56 Burlington Square Singapore 189649

I feel like I'm always on a mission to find the best of everything (who isn't?). I love yogurts, like really love. Frozen, normal, plain, ice cream yogurt anything with yogurt in it, i'll have it. Recently, I stumbled upon a suggested page on Facebook. It was captioned "We found a Llao Llao look-alike". What's Llao Llao? It's another to die for (as per the blogger *wink*) frozen yogurt in town (pending blog post *ding*) I opened the link and searched where it was. 

Man, it's kind of hard to locate the place. Even I couldn't give you a good guide as to how to go there without mixing up the street names. Fortunately, Google Maps had been very helpful and directed me right where I wanted to go. To make things easier, look for LASALLE College of Arts, Yogart is located just beside the school. 

LASALLE School of Arts

There were varieties to choose from. I got myself their Premium Waffle where I get to have two fruits of my choice, two crispy waffles (mm-mmm), two swirls of plain frozen yogurt, and a syrup of your choice. I was in heaven (see first photo)!!! I could have this every week! Well.. more like everyday! 

See, one needs hurt in life to be happy lol no, that was just me 
The place is small, not for big groups. More of a buy and go kind of place.
It's definitely a good place to just relax and enjoy their yougrts! 

After making my belly happy and throat annoyed, I went to Bugis Street to what women call "de-stress". 

I know I wouldn't be able to control myself that's why I kept all my cards and gave myself $100 cash to spend. Hah! Challenge was a success as I was able to buy 3 work pants, a pair of casual jeans, 3 tops, 3 hair accessories, 1 blue wig, 2 phone cases and a pair of bedroom slippers! 

It was an exhausting and amazing day altogether. I love spending time alone. I get to reflect, people watch, discover, relax and just be myself.

To end my already happy Saturday, I met up with my very good friend (for 20 years now, wow Z!) to catch up and watch Age of Adaline. It's a good movie for all the romantics out there. 

What a day! I'm looking forward to more of #DYD (date yourself day), hopefully less of the shopping spree lol

DateYourselfSaturday on Vimeo. Watch in HD.

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