Figs and Twigs Saves The Day!

May 10, 2015

Being away from home is most especially sad during special holidays like say, Mother's Day. It's quite difficult to fully express your appreciation to our dear mothers from a distance.

Saturday, a day before Mother's Day, I'm still clueless as to what I'll do for my mum. Luckily, a friend posted an ad on Facebook promoting her business. She was really kind enough to accommodate to my last minute request!

My mommah doing the "Blogger Pose"

My mum was really surprised and she told me she was really touched by it. It was one of the most beautiful (and sweet smelling) flower arrangements she has received.

Again, thank you Kim for being an angel. Everybody knows the struggle of gift giving during peak of the holidays.

If you want to gift someone some flowers or need an arrangement for an event, they can definitely help you. You may reach them via their Facebook "Figs and Twigs" or through their mobile no: (+63915) 484 7929, or email: for inquiries. You may check out some of their past orders on their Instagram: figsandtwigsph

They accept wedding bouquets and entourage as well. By the way, orders should be placed 2-3 days for regular orders and for rush orders, an additional fee will incur.

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