Exploring Singapore: Chinese Garden

August 07, 2015

It's Singapore's Day 2 of the (4-day) Jubilee Weekend. Too bad the weather hasn't been great the past few days too. But that didn't stop me from walking around. So as soon as the rain stopped, I went out (with no plans in mind).

While in the train, I searched for the keywords "things to do in Singapore", "nature", "photography", and the likes. I stumbled upon The Smart Local's article on 20 most Instagram worthy places in Singapore.

I thought of going to Chinese Garden first as it's far from my place and I thought it's a great time now before I go lazy and opt for pillow cuddles in bed again.

My 75-minutes in the train wasn't that bad as there were not much crowd around. I was surprised! I was expecting it to be crowded because, well, it's Friday and it's a public holiday!

I made a quick stop to NUS first before making my way to Chinese Garden addidng another 20 minutes or so to my travel time.

After NUS, I made my way to Chinese Garden MRT station where I met up with two of my closest college friends.

Chinese Garden is a great place to run, grab a bite, wander around alone (if you want peace and quiet away from the busy city), and/or just catch up with friends.

Because of the bad weather (and it was quite late when we were there), I wasn't able to walk around the whole park/garden. BUT... I will definitely gather the energy to visit this place again.

Chinese Garden Singapore
Address: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, 619795
MRT Station: Chinese Garden (EW25)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 6261 3632

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