Is "Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve" a good thing?

March 20, 2017

What does "Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve" mean anyway? There could be a lot of interpretations to this idiom but to put it simply; it means you're open, forthright and obvious about your emotions. It also means you're vulnerable and a risk taker.

A lot would think that wearing your heart on your sleeve poses more danger than good, well yes, of course! You are putting yourself out there, out in the unknown. This means you are risking yourself to.. ready? GET HURT (ah, i'm getting ahead of myself there) :p

Sure there will be a significant number of things to list why WYHOYS is a bad idea, but some gifted women are willing to try .. Why? Here's my list why:

1. It can always make a boring night out in a pub (er, bar) fun (especially with the cute guy you've been eyeing on all night). This doesn't happen all the time but sometimes, you'll never know who you'll end up connecting with.

2. You're a dauntless SON OF A B**** and you deserve a high-five! Again, not all women are gifted with this,so putting yourself out there is a really big brave step.

3. You see the good in everyone. Fresh start, clean slate for each and every new person you meet. No comparisons, no expectations (because expectations suck)

4.  This would sound sad but WYHOYS means you are highly exposing yourself to rejection/s. However, since you are agreeable to the Terms and Conditions of WYHOYS, you would take it as just a little prick on the heart and carry on.

5. You don't miss an opportunity to express how you feel -regardless of what the other person would respond. That means no (or lesser) "What Ifs", "Should'ves" and "Maybes". Yeah!

6. You don't hold grudges to these guys. That's because when you WYHOYS, you believe in EHFAR (that everything happens for a reason).

As a woman who (sometimes.. fine, most times) wear my heart on my sleeve, I have one thing to tell you guys: "If you've ever encountered anyone who's ever willing to jump into the unknown with you or for you.. feel proud. Do not, for once, even think that they are CLINGY AND CRAZY. This is one reason why people are so hesitant to even try. They develop insecurities because they are being judged as someone who catches too many feelings easily. I don't see anything wrong with that, I actually think it's beautiful. I guess that's when you need to up your grit, to fight for the one worthy of the jump and/or to pick yourself back up from those who are not."

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