UPDATE: 2017!

August 29, 2017


It's been a while since I last posted something here so I thought I should make an update while I'm inspired to blog!

A lot has happened to me in the last couple of months; some are good, some are bad but all of those taught me valuable lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life. Let's start from 2016:

Last October 2016 I got sick, really really sick that I had to fly back home to the Philippines after being rushed to E.R./A&E. I will not go into details about it because I start getting sad when I think about it. That incident also resulted me to quit my job and take a rest. I was unemployed for two months and it really didn't go well. It triggered my depression and I was just not feeling complete even if I was home, with my family. Right after new year's day (January 2017), I flew back to Singapore for a new job experience!

Things were going really well. I made more friends, more memories. I was happier. My new job was great, I was learning new things. I was excited to go to work! Another reason why I was happy is that my new job let us have a month of paid vacation!!!! I went on my first 'backpacking trip' around Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand for 22 days! That travel was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me (yet). I have a draft post about my travels so I will also not go into details about that here.

It's true about the saying "good things come to an end", literally. No, I am not talking about my trip.. Because guess what? I lost my job (again)! Did I do something wrong? No. Did I violate any rules or S.O.P? No. Did I fall sick again? No. So what happened? I got an immediate termination because, HEAR THIS: "IT WASN'T WORKING OUT!" (taking the words out of my ex- principal's mouth) "It's not you, it's us." SERIOUSLY?! And it happened less than 24 hours upon landing back in Singapore! What's more disappointing is that I wasn't given a notice period despite the fact they already have the decision a month ago! I prayed hard to seek for forgiveness and even though I struggled so much mentally, emotionally and financially after being laid off, I looked at the brighter side. It wasn't my calling at all. It could also be a way of telling me to leave Singapore and explore other places.

That's the reason why I am here now, in Thailand. It's only been a month and yes, I have been constantly feeling homesick every weekend but I am happy to have chosen my career development over my comfort zone. There are millions of instances where I wish I'm still in Singapore, like when I need friends to be with, when it's Saturday and I feel like wilding it out on the dance floor, or when I couldn't sleep and walk around the marina area past midnight without getting murdered or attacked by stray dogs BUT I don't think I'll ever let an opportunity for career growth pass.

So is this big move worth it? I hope so.

Until then.. cheers from Thailand!

xX Andrea

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