A Letter to Who I Was Some Twenty Years Ago

April 25, 2018

Dear Eight-years-old-Andrea, 

Hi. I know right now you're probably busy playing with your Barbie Dolls or your Polly Pockets. Don't worry, this will not take much of your time. 

When you get a little older, you'll find out that the world is a scary place. You need to get yourself ready for that. I cannot tell you what, how or why. I guess you will figure that out yourself as and when it happens. What I can tell you though, is what you can be ready for. 

Listen to you parents, that's a very important rule! They will tell you off a lot of times and you will hate them for it, but trust them when they say that it's for your own good. When your mom asks you to help out with chores, do it. You'll need that when you start living by yourself. And learn how to cook!!!!!!

Next on the list is EDUCATION. School is very important! I know you’ll meet cool people and would even be friends with them, because duh, you’re a cool girl! But try not to forget about your studies. Trust me, it will all come in handy when you’re older. Oh and one more important thing to remember, do not lose your school notes! I hate myself right now for not having a single note from class.

Ahhhh! Love and friendships! In the coming years, your world will revolve around these two things. You will think that they are more important than anything else in the world. You will skip movie nights with your family because you have an important 3-way call from your bestie and her crush, or you’d keep asking for extra cash to top-up your phone credits to text your crush. You will hear stories about love from your gran and gramp, mom and dad, uncles and aunties and you would think love is such a wonderful thing to have. Oh it sure is! But honey, by the time you really understand what love means, the whole love game manual will completely be revised. It's not going to be the same 20 years from now (even 10 or 15 maybe). You'll think you'll find the "one" for you and you will feel you've given him everything, so when he leaves, your whole world will turn upside down. You will meet guys who will tell you "you're the only one", believe them when they say that but don't be surprised to find out that they're in-love with someone else while seeing you. Ghosting will also be a thing! So will cheating, leading on, casual dating and relationships without labels. Sounds fun right? So kid, live your life as a child. Don't rush to grow up! Play and sleep a lot because life gets tougher as you grow older.

There's no way to know how life will end up for you. You will fall in love a lot of times and you will get hurt as well. Sometimes life is amazing, at times you'll tell yourself you want to give up. DON'T. Life ahead will not be an easy drive. Hang in there. Sometimes you'd feel like you're stuck. A lot can happen in just a couple of days even months. Nothing is ever permanent and you are in charge of your life. Choose what's best for you, not what's best for him or for them because little pea, YOU WILL BE ONE HELL OF A LADY, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING NICE IN THIS WORLD. 

(soon to be) Twenty-Eight-Years-Old-Andrea ♡


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  1. I probably would've told my younger self those thibgs exactke too. Wheb is your birthday? Well wished!


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