What Goes in a Woman's Head During Your BNO (Boys' Night Out)

May 13, 2018

Science reveals that an occasional Boys' Night Out is good for the relationship. It's a perfect time for the ladies to enjoy a night alone- Be guilt-free about being messy. Enjoy a bag of chips and a bottle of wine without sharing or watch cute animal videos over and over again.

You see, most sane women will be A-OK with BNOs because we all know what happens during BNOs- video games, "pissing game" of who travelled more (or who lifts heavier), movie reviews, beers, pizza, farting, loud burps  and more video games. However, on (hopefully) occasional circumstances, some women tend to become insecure because of what you are doing (or not doing).

Here, let me tell you what makes a sane woman go "in" (insane, insecure, intrigued):

"The Friends"  Ever heard of "Women's Instincts?" Women in general don't hate your friends for no reason. There's always a reason and sometimes it's for your best interest. Therefore, if your woman is giving you a hard time over "this/these friend/s", it's only because she feels that they may have the "influence" on you- whether this friend smokes/drinks a lot (while you're trying to quit), this friend is known to cheat, or constantly being negative and complaining about everything. She only want what's best for you and that includes the people you surround yourself with. You owe it as her boyfriend to listen to her point. If she's being irrational, talk to her. Communicate why she needs to trust you but never try to prove her 'gut feeling' wrong. You'll give her one good reason to not trust you more.

"Jealousy/Insecurities"  Okay, I will humble myself down and say that these feelings (jealousy and insecurity) are very common among women. It's just normal. Women get jealous when they see their man getting fulfillment out of any thing, time or body (among others) that is not her. This is especially true if she's seeing another side of you that doesn't come out when you're with her (shocking isn't it? ha).

If this is how your woman is, chances are there's a certain lack of fun and/or attention in the relationship. I know, I'm rolling my eyes with you but that's just how women work. (your) Life will not be this colorful without us! Sorry!

So how do we deal with this? Don't keep her out of the loop. This doesn't mean calling her every minute to report. Include her in your other relationships too. You don't have to physically bring her to your BNOs, but you could let her in as little or as much as possible. Tell her about a funny joke or something significant that happened that night.

Girls are fairly understanding when not triggered to doubt and overthink. You wanted this, make it work for your drama-free BNOs and her sanity's sake.

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