COVID19 X My Mental State

March 24, 2020

The world is united for once. United as we all deal with COVID-19. A lot are on lockdowns. Everyone is advised to stay home.

A lot of people I know back home in the Philippines are enjoying this time - staying home while they get to just sleep, eat, watch, repeat. A lot of people I know are currently at home, with their families. I am neither experiencing any of those mentioned. I continue to work. I continue to serve - alone and away from people I love. 

I am not coping very well. I am currently under a lot of pressure. I am sleep deprived, my depression decided now is the perfect time to take over, I am exhausted, I am worried, I am breaking down.

If only it's possible - I volunteer to be sick for everyone. Let me have it as long as no one else will get sick anymore. I will do it just for everyone's normal routines to be back again. I'll take it all just to see grandparents kiss and hug their grandkids again. Let me have it all - so doctors and nurses can get the shower and sleep they all deserve. I'd happily volunteer to see everyone less worried again. 

This is obviously not bringing out the best in me. Please check in on the people you love. How are they dealing with the current situation? Always remember to be kind. Not everyone is coping very well. 

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